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1983 Mercedes Benz 240D

20 Inch Wiper Length - FINAL SALE

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Meet our best wiper blades for 1983 Mercedes Benz 240D vehicles. Includes 1 passenger side wiper blade that fits the 1983 Mercedes Benz 240D wiper blade size oem requirements. These premium beam replacement 1983 240D wiper blades easily wipe away rain, ice, snow, sleet, dirt and mud. We skip the traditional auto parts retailer by selling directly to our customers online for a lower price. Our beam style 1983 Mercedes Benz 240D windshield wipers apply even pressure across the entire wiper length, resulting in superior wiping performance in all weather conditions compared to traditional and hybrid style wiper blades.


  • High quality wiper blades at an affordable price
  • Includes passenger side windshield wiper blade for your Mercedes Benz
  • Quick and easy installation. Video and printed instructions also included
  • The only wiper blade company to offer a 100 Day Test Drive
  • Free Shipping Always
  • Amazing customer support. Returns are easy


  • Each wiper blade is engineered with premium graphite coated rubber, giving you maximum durability and performance in all weather conditions
  • Our windshield wiper frame is built with flex steel technology, enabling each blades to curve and distribute perfect pressure across your Mercedes Benz windshield
  • We don't use confusing one size fits all adaptors. We hand assemble every wiper blade to make sure each wiper blade fits your Mercedes Benz perfectly.

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