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Like many people, I didn't pay much attention to my car's wiper blades. Living in sunny California, it's a part of the car that only comes to mind when it's time to replace them for safety reasons. However, in the spring of 2019, a pacific storm hit the Bay Area, bringing heavy rains for over a week. My wife was pregnant with our first child, and the wiper blades on her Jeep Grand Cherokee were in poor condition. Wanting to be a protective husband and father, I went to the local auto parts store to buy new blades. At the store, I realized I didn't know what size or type of wiper blades to get, so I asked the store representative. After receiving some numbers, I went to the aisle where the wiper blades were displayed and spent 15 minutes browsing through the various brands and models before finally settling on a set that seemed suitable. The process of replacing the blades took an hour, and the total cost was $65. This experience made me wonder why we wait until our visibility is compromised before changing our wiper blades, and why it's so difficult to find high-quality blades at a reasonable price. After speaking with other drivers who had similar experiences, I decided to take action.  

Jason Forcier | Founder

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